2017 Is Going To Be The Year of Epic Movies

Now that the summer of 2016 is over it looks like, for the most part, this years movie season is over too. Overall it was a decent year for movies, especially for big summer action films. Naturally there were some disappointments (I am looking at you Suicide Squad.) A lot of the excitement we have for films comes from the anticipation and speculation. So, let us get right into it and start discussing what is to come in 2017. This is the list for the most anticipated movies of 2017.

Spider- Man: Homecoming 

Spider- Man: Homecoming is another Spiderman film due out in 2017. Yes you read that correctly, another Spiderman film. I guess if it is not broken don’t fix it- wait. It was broken and I am not sure they are really fixing or changing anything. Let us see what they do with this installment that could possibly be different than anything we have seen already.

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