24 Most Beautiful Celebrity Daughters In Hollywood 

Why is it that celebrities so often have daughters who are even more beautiful than them? Being the child of a celebrity certainly has its perks. You usually grow up pretty rich, get to go to good schools, hang out with other celebrity kids, and when you grow up great opportunities are totally yours for the taking. If you’re drop-dead gorgeous, like these celebrity daughters , life can be a charm. The following beautiful women can thank their parents’ great genes for their good looks and glamorous careers.

Nicole Richie is the adopted daughter of Lionel Richie. Her biological parents are Michael Escovedo and Karen Moss. When she was just a baby, Lionel and hie wife, Brenda Harvey, became guardians of Nicole and later formally adopted her, when she was just nine years old. Nicole spent her childhood around many adult celebrities and emerged as a celebrity herself with many friends that she grew up with. She claimed her spot as a television personality on the show, The Simple Life, along with her childhood friend, Paris Hilton. She is now married to Joel Madden, from Good Charlotte, and has two children, Harlow and Sparrow.

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