Controversial Funeral Service: Dumping Into Sewers


 Funeral arrangements have followed generally one of two options for the bereaved: they may either bury their beloved passed into the ground within a coffin, or follow a procedural cremation ceremony in which the ashes are utilized in any number of ways. Other slightly controversial ends for the passed follow rituals of perhaps turning them into trees, or other such oddities. Yet, at first glance, we can easily forgive such lacking of orthodoxy in that it is not so shocking than a person who insists on eating every meal with their hands. Odd, but not altogether a shocking turn of human behavior that causes the populace to cringe. There is even a man who never sits and persists in going about his life totally upon his feet; constructing even an apparatus that allows him to sleep standing up. These examples insight interest, if perhaps also a couple of raised eye brows, yet nothing sinister or even dangerous.

However, in a small town southwest of Ottawa, Canada, there is a company known as AquaGreen Dispositions: a company quite keen on establishing environmental credentials. This company utilizes a powerful alkaline solution which invariably dissolves a cadaver before subsequently draining what is left over. This method was initially used on deceased pets. They would drain the corpse-into-sludge from the dissolving solution into the sewer system. And now they have recently been given their license to perform this same act upon human cadavers, dumping the remaining dissolved corpse into the drainpipes of Smiths Falls.

Akin to cremation, the lack of energy utilized as opposed to high intensity heat from fire to that of simple chemical reaction reduces energy consumption substantially. In regular cremation processes an average of 250 kilograms (551 pounds) of climate-warming carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. This statistic falls in according to the estimates generated by researches whereas the process by dissolving by reaction to chemicals produces absolutely no climate warming/damaging fumes at all. Verily, the actual carbon “footprint” in this chemical process is exceedingly small overall.

“It brings your body back to its natural state,” –Dale Hilton in an interview by CBC News. “It’s the same way as being buried in the ground, but instead of taking 15, 20 years to disintegrate, it does it in a quicker process. And it’s all environmentally friendly.” What cocks heads askance even more radically and what has raised such concern of a much higher level is the fact that, after the body is dissolved by the alkaline chemical, any subjects so dissolved in which surgical equipment, such as artificial or metal joints, fillings et cetera, which do not dissolve in the liquid because of their synthetic properties, are donated to poorer countries that have a lack of such articles.

The body does in fact liquefy to a sludge-like state, but the skeleton remains intact after the procedure. Following a process which dries the bones and then compresses them to fine powder in a convection oven, the bones are then returned to the family per request that they may scatter such remains as befits many other individuals throughout the world, currently.

The feelings and thoughts concerning a collection of passed loved ones circumnavigating the sewer infrastructure beneath their feet, accompanying the sludge of the sewer in their own sludge like state, is a testament in which only time will yield its collected results.

Just this past January an additional controversial company successfully made its headlines. It is the so-called “Infinity Burial Suit”: it contains mushroom spores which find their way to grow from your body. The body, which is rich in albeit many nutrients ideal for such growth, proceed to populate themselves within the suit once the body is buried. As the spores allow the mushrooms to grow, this fungus then consumes your body. The effective nature of this process negates all toxins a dead-body produces, for the mushrooms eat every last part of it.

It can be asserted that, despite these methods being more blatantly controversial than many articles one is privy to read from day to day, some of our most modern and effective uses of science and technology gave its advent to an individual the mass thought crazy, deranged or even possessed: Galileo who said the Earth was not the center of the universe; Christopher Columbus who said the earth was not flat; the Wright Brothers who invented the controversial airplane; Charles “Chuck” Jaeger who broke the speed of sound which everyone said was unbreakable; a process of decomposition that is exceedingly rapid, harmless to the environment and reasonably cheap and effective. We must also understand that, in earlier times, the decomposition of a corpse was the reason for so many diseases and epidemic maladies such as a common yet deadly case of Cholera. Innovative methods to remove such risks of the toxins that cadavers so profoundly emanate only shows an evolution of mankind where we can accurately place our modern sophistication of health and welfare to the forefront of what a long strand of history has shown to be quite detrimental to all forms of society… and life.

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