Couple Creates Time Lapse While Prepping The New Nursery


This journey, this incredible miracle that women are able to do, to carry a child in their body, it is truly something amazing!!! I, myself, just having a child 5 months ago never really realized how amazing it really is to be able to do this, to go through it yourself, to see the changes in your body is something you'll never forget! If you have had the experience or are going to experience it, enjoy every second, take pictures, videos, make a memory book, it truly is something remarkable.

I am so in love with this time lapse video of this cute couple going through their pregnancy! Changing their guest room to a nursery, kissing the belly, enjoying every second. I did the same thing!! Except the video, which I wish I would have done this!! I love how the dad is just as into it as the mom!! Look at her belly grow too, there is a baby in there growing!!! Think about it. From nothing to a human breathing, a woman's body is insane.

Ha ha I love how much fun they are having doing the nursery! Moving furniture from side to side, putting things together, it's a lot of work and believe me, it's so worth it!! How cute is this mom? OMG! The dad gives the mom gifts for the baby and she's opening it on behalf of the baby. I love him!! I'm going to do this on my pregnancy journey!! I have to!! 5 minutes long to go through 9 months!

Her belly changed so much! I just love this, I know I keep repeating myself but it's such an amazing experience and to watch someone else go through it like this is so cute! OMG! This little girl is so perfect, what a doll! I'm so happy for this couple, a beautiful healthy baby and they made this video and now she can watch it when she's older. I love it!!! Great job mom & dad!

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