Famous Celebrities That Think Trump Will Win The Presidency Election

First of all, who doesn't think Trump should win the election? Honestly, if you think Hillary could run this country after being in Senate for over 30 years and never making a positive change to this country, you better reconsider even voting. These stars/celebrities have the right idea, they have millions of dollars and have no issues voting for Trump, because they know what they are doing. They trust Trump with their money, why wouldn't you? We need someone who knows how to run a business, that is Trump. He is a Billionaire. Yes, a BILLIONAIRE. Believe me, he's much better of the two. 

Charlie Sheen knows his stuff. Has he had some crazy rumors, yes, has he had a bap rep, yes. But, does he have tons of money? Yes! It's not all about money, I know, but it is about facts. Charlie supports Trump because Trump will obviously be a better President than Hillary. Charlie, I like you even more now. Trump 2016!

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