Farewell Brangelina! A Look Back At Brangelina Over The Years

Brangelina is no more, yes the unthinkable has happened. Well whom are we kidding, I think most are surprised it lasted as long as it did. That was not to be meant as anything negative about those two stars in particular, more a comment on Hollywood romances in general. Together they spent 12 years as lovers, two of them married, and parented six children. Now the speculation as to what wrong has begun but perhaps we will never truly know. Instead let us go back and take a closer look at their love the last 12 years.

Here they are together in 2005 during a press event for Mrs. And Mrs. Smith. Brad was still with Jennifer Anniston then but Angelina was a free bird. Even before it was confirmed people expected this seductive and sultry lady to swoop in and grab Brad Pitt. I mean, why not right? Sure enough their romance started after spending time together working on this film.

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