Halle Berry Wants To Cut Child Support, Claims Ex Is Living Off It


Halle Berry is a fifty-year old actress born in Cleveland, Ohio. She is famous for many things, but has had a pretty rough time these past 10/20 years regarding her dating life. Although her acting career took off and she was the star of several box office hits, such as James Bond and Monsters Ball. She was one of the highest paid actresses during the 2000’s. The hot actress claims that her baby´s father, Gabriel Aubry, a former model, who she met at a Versace fashion show, is a bum and has been living entirely off of the child support she pays him.

Miss Berry filed legal documents requesting the judge to reduce her child support payments from $16,000 per month, to just a little over $3k, which is quite a huge difference. In her court documents she claims that Aubry has stopped working completely and is abusing the system. They have joint custody of their stunning 6-year-old daughter, Nahla. Both parents have her for 50% of the time. And this was after a very stressful custody battle and even a fist-fight involving Halle’s love after Aubry, Oliver Martinez. Halle, with her superstar income, makes more than her ex, thus getting the short end of the financial stick.

Berry purports that Aubry is perfectly capable of getting a job, and that his contribution to supporting their daughter will allow her to live a comfortable life, and $16k is overkill. He has not commented, and so far the courts have not changed the child support order.

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