Highest Paid Television Stars

To be on TV is one thing, but to be among the top paid TV stars is a whole other ballgame. To have a name, to be so well known, to have producers wanting YOU in their next show is quite the amazing feeling, I would imagine. I hope that these stars don't take it to their head and I hope they understand that this could end at any time (for most of them, not really), but to stash away that cash and never take things for granted! Check out some of these top 20 most paid TV stars out today...

Mark Harmon

Mark Harmon is the well known actor on NCIS who gets paid about $525,000 each episode! His total net worth is about $40 million dollars. Not only is he a successful actor, he's great looking too, named Sexiest Man Alive back in 1996. Who doesn't love his look, bright blue eyes and that silver hair!

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