Over 50 Doctors Are Pushing For Medical And Recreational Use Of Marijuana


A prestigious national group of doctors are pushing to legalize cannabis, not for medical purposes, but recreational as well. The national group is made up of over 50 doctors from around the United States. Medical usage of marijuana has for a long time been backed by many medical professionals, having doctors promote recreational use as well is catching people’s attention. 

The name of the nonprofit organization advocating for legalizing marijuana is Doctors for Cannabis Regulation. It is the first national medical organization to promote total legalization. They stand by their views by arguing the failures of prohibition and the potential benefits of cannabis when used responsibly. The Doctors for Cannabis Regulation, or DFCR, said they will soon announce new information regarding their stance.

The group has respected physicians from institutions such as Harvard University, Rutgers University, Brown University, Columbia University, and the John Hopkins General Preventive Medicine program. Even Joycelyn Elders, a former surgeon general is in the DFCR and stands behind their position on cannabis. The DFCR have stated their views on their website and have kept their statement simple, letting their credentials speak on behalf of their argument;

“Doctors for Cannabis Regulation (DFCR) serves as a voice for physicians who believe that cannabis prohibition has failed and that the misuse of cannabis should be treated as a health issue rather than a criminal one. DFCR’s physician members strive neither to minimize nor to exaggerate scientific literature about the risks and benefits of cannabis use.

DFCR still does not support using marijuana recreational; they just do not believe it should be prohibited and see prohibition as a pointless and useless effort. The website also goes on to explain the original reason why cannabis was made illegal, further expanding on the unnecessary marijuana laws that have been in place for decades. The site states;

“Marijuana prohibition began in the 1930s based on bad science and scare tactics that claimed it was highly addictive, made users violent, and was fatal in overdose. The medical community now agrees that none of those assertions are true.”

DFCR does agree that marijuana should be strictly prohibited when it comes to being used by children for recreational purposes but maintain that adults using cannabis responsibly poses no serious threat, especially when compared to alcohol and tobacco.

DFCR also makes it clear that you do not have to be marijuana smoker to stand by these claims, just as long as you understand the facts and have a bit of common sense. The DFCR founder and board president David L. Nathan has stated;

“Doctors should affirmatively support this. If you are going to make something against the law, the health consequences of that use have to be so bad to make it worth creating criminal consequences. That was never true of marijuana.”

Contrary to the DFCR, the American Medical Association believes marijuana is still a dangerous drug and public health concern, now being able to bow down gracefully from the ridiculous claims they have made since 1937, when cannabis was banned. Although there has been some progress, the AMA does believe the laws should be modified.

With the DFCR’s recent statements and support it looks like the anti-prohibition movement is gaining ground and public opinion is being persuaded in favor of the legalization of cannabis. 

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