The Bloodiest Battles In World History

Here are twenty bloody battles that were fought throughout world history.From the battles of Europe to South America, there are many battles that were fought for religion, territory or just hatred. Sadly war has always been in our history and future, almost like humans cannot live without war. Check out the bloodiest battles that occurred in history. 

Battle of Waterloo

An epic battle scene of the Battle of Waterloo, showing both sides going at it.

The Battle of Waterloo was labeled as the last defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte and French domination across Europe. The battle took place in Belgium, Napoleon was against the might of the Prussian and English army and was defeated on June 18, 1815. After Napoleon was defeated he resigned from the throne and later died on a foreign island. This was one bloody battle adding the casualties up to around 60,000 men on both sides, one of the great battles in Europe. 

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