What Do You Think - Drunk Or Stoned?

Here in this video, these people are being tested if people are better drunk or high. Before watching this video, what did you think the better option was? To me, really neither, you shouldn't drink or be high but since people still do it regardless, I guess high would be my choice. You can't get sick off being high, you will when you're drunk, you have more control when you're high, all you do when you're high is laugh, eat and sleep. Drunk, you're annoying.

This video is pretty funny though, catching a ball is a perfect example of who can do something better, someone who is drunk or high. High wins. Who can act sober for more than 10 seconds? Drunk wins. That's because he has the giggles!! Dancing, the drunk person to me wins because they are more silly. High is more coordinated. No denying it. Oh geez, a phone call, high for sure wins. 

Even though you really shouldn't get drunk or get high, I guess being high to me is more fun. Yes, I've done it, yes, I know it's illegal but who didn't try it back in the 70's? You're much better off when you're high than being drunk. Technically, if you don't have anything on you when you get pulled over, there is no proof that you're high right then. Not to say driving while high is right but I'm just saying, you have more control.

Let's all just agree not to do either. Yes, it looks fun, sometimes is fun but you'll end up paying for it. Be a good role model for your kids or family, don't fall into the trap with your friends, don't be a loser! Get up, go to work, be responsible and don't be stupid. That's bottom line! 

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