Will A Harry Potter Inspired Invisibility Cloak Save Us From Aliens?

Could it really be possible to hide the entire planet Earth? No it is not a plot point for a old Sci-Fi TV series, the idea is being developed. This is not the first time science fiction and science has crossed paths. It happens often, the imagination of a talented science fiction writer proposes something that seems impossible at the time only to have technology catch up. 

The idea of making the Earth invisible to alien life forms brings up another concept thought to be saved for an episode of Star Trek, the concern for evil alien invaders. Recently highly respected scientist Stephan Hawking voiced his concern about earth revealing our presence to other civilizations. If they can find us and come to us, they are definitely more advanced then we are and probably could do away with us if they pleased using their advanced weaponry, or enslave us.

Is it far fetched to assume aliens would have death rays and tentacles and bent on universal domination? Maybe, but it is not far fetched to think they would not want to take our recourses if they needed them or just simply wanted them and knew they could have them. They do not have to be part of the Imperial Army and lead by Darth Vader, they just simply have to like us. As our history has shown we on Earth have had societies conquer others, brutally, just because they could. Those who win write the history books and of course downplay it the best they can. What if the Aliens are like the United States during her early chapters and treat us like the U.S. treated the Native Americans, killing and raping us almost into extinction. Who knows what alien rape could entail.

It has been many years now that we have been leaking our own position with television and radio signals, almost six decades in fact. We might be too late to become invisible but it does not mean other planets led by smarter inhabitants are not making themselves invisible from us after looking at our dark history. It is also proposed that perhaps everything we see from out perspective is manipulated by other advanced life forms, for the good of the universe.

The idea of a cloak is not as far fetched when broken down. It would work with transits. Transits appear as a brightness decrease of a distant star. The “cloak” would produce the opposite brightness increase using lasers to counter the dip in brightness. The laser would spread, encompassing entire solar systems, preventing the dip in brightness and creating the illusion no one is there at all. Using modern technology this is thought to be possible. So if we have not seen yet despite 60 years of making ourselves known, would it be better to hide our make our presence known?

The idea of hiding is course the safer bet, more of an insurance policy. We would not come in contact with other alien life forms more advanced, which could be good if they do care for our wellbeing but if they do imagine how exciting a meeting it would be. It is not just an exercise of intellectual curiosity but perhaps these new friends could protect us from an asteroid or have advanced methods in dealing with disease and cancer. With the way we are already destroying ourselves I think we are at a point now where it would be worth making ourselves known, with our current impending doom the awards outweigh the risks. 

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