108 Year Old Cubs Fan Passes Away After Cubs Win World Series

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It is no secret that the Chicago Cubs recently won the World Series and ended the curse that has haunted them for over 100 years. They shocked the world and Cubs fans everywhere were coming out of the woodworks. Then, there are what the sports world likes to call lifers, this means fans that are fans for life and who are there, through the good times and the bad, no matter what. This case in point involves a lifetime Cubs fan named Mabel Ball. She had been a Cubs fans ever since she was a little girl, and that was over a century ago.

Mabel Ball passed away 6 days after the Cubs defeated the Cleveland Indians in the World Series. She was 108 years old and had waited for a Cubs World Series since she was born. She remained a Cubs fan for her whole life and always felt they would win again. When the Cubs won the World Series in 2016, she was overjoyed and could not believe that she got to see a Cubs World Series win in her lifetime. Ball did not attend or watch the Cubs game 7 clenching win and had not been to a game since her 90 birth day. When reporters asked her why she had not been to a game in 16 years, she simply replied "I have been too busy."

I am sure when she passed, she had a good feeling, knowing that her beloved Cubs finally won a Championship and that she lived to see it. The significance of the year was not lost on Ball, though her son, Rich, confirmed that seeing her team secure another championship was not her first priority. Rather than making frequent trips to Wrigley Field or watching the Cubs’ broadcasts on TV, Mabel preferred to catch up with the team on the radio. She grew up listening to the Cubs on the radio and remained a Cubs fan her whole life, and until her last day. Lifetime fans like Mabel Ball are few and far between these days. This is a great story of Ball finally getting to see the team she rooted for for over 100 years, finally reach the pinnacle.

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