Aaliyah Biopic Gets Backlash, Timbaland Calls it ‘Bulls—t’

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The Lifetime channel original movie ‘Aaliyah; Princess of R&B,’ was discussed quite a bit before its debut. However, the high expectations of the film turned out to be a disappointment to many. Timbaland, who was a close friend and producer for the late Aaliyah, was not pleased.

"A lot of people keep asking me, am I watching that bulls--t? Evidently not. No way. Not Timbo." he stated in a video posted on Instagram. He also created & posted several memes mocking the casting selections.

Many fans were upset that the actress, Alexandra Shipp, who portrayed Aaliyah in the film, looked nothing like the star. Shipp was also criticized for her “less than mediocre” acting skills.

There has been a call for A-list actors who could make this film come alive, which would be a stark contrast to the subpar job displayed.

Meanwhile, Wendy Williams, a producer of the film, defended it, mentioning, “Errybody got an opinion.” Apparently that “opinion” is shared by Aaliyah’s family, who did not approve of the film in the first place.

A re-make of the movie is expected in the near future. The Princess of R&B died tragically in a plane crash at a very young age. Since her death, many artists, such as Chris Brown, have used samples of her non-released music to fuse with their music. These compilations will aid in reminding fans of the angelic sound that was Aaliyah’s.

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