Best Smart Devices for Better Security and Efficiency in Your Home

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The automated home of Tony Stark, a.k.a. Iron Man, may seem like it could never exist in real life, but modern technology is bringing us closer than ever to that reality. Smart homes are no longer a work of fiction or exclusively for the super rich. The average consumer can make their home smarter or automated without breaking the bank. Imagine opening the garage door, changing the lighting color, or locking your doors all from your phone. These functions and more are possible with the best smart home devices to make your life as easy as possible. These functions can range from automatic window shades, which are a relatively simple feature to install, to complex security camera set ups that require a larger investment. The future is not so far away and in some cases, it is already here.

Central Hubs

A central hub is probably the most common smart home device people have. A central hub is the device that all other smart home devices are connected to. Central hubs are the only IoT platform that all other devices are controlled by. This means you can control other smart home devices through these hub devices. Google Home or Amazon Alexa are by far the most common smart home hubs on the market today. Each company is trying to out-do the other with every update. New features and compatible programs are being added daily, making these two hubs a safe bet. The apps that control these hubs are user-friendly and are constantly being improved.

Home Security

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With the world going digital, there is an ever-growing need for better security. Criminals are becoming more advanced with their tools and methods, so homes need to be better secured. One of the most common security issues for homeowners is forgetting to lock exterior doors. However, this issue has been solved by the best smart home devices. There are now smart locks you can install on your doors that can be controlled by your phone. This means that you can lock your doors from anywhere in the world.

There are other devices all based on home security such as door cameras, door speakers, window sensors, and smart doorbells that all bolster your home’s security. These devices can then be connected to an IoT mainframe which can alert a homeowner if there is a security problem or even call the authorities in case of a break in. However, because these security devices are using the internet to work, they are a target for hackers. To combat this vulnerability, keep your devices up to date with the latest software.

Heating and Cooling

Home is meant to be a cozy and welcoming place, and there are smart devices to make your home even better. There is no longer a need to get out of bed to adjust the thermostat – you can do it from your phone. For example, a smart Nest thermostat can be controlled from your phone, meaning you can adjust the temperature of your house from anywhere. Not only is a smart thermostat convenient, but it will also save you energy. The Nest thermostat will learn your preferred temperature pattern and turn off the AC when you are not using it which will save you energy.

Smart Plugs

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The smart home, to work at its best, needs more than your average electrical outlet; it needs smart plugs. Smart plugs can bring features of other smart devices to your home at a lower cost. If you don’t have the money to invest in smart lights, a smart plug can achieve the same effect. Smart plugs can be controlled by your phone, so anything plugged into a smart plug can be turned on or off by your phone. If you want the lights on in one room, turn on the room’s corresponding smart plug. The latest smart plugs also have integrated Siri and Alexa voice control, making things even easier.

The smart home is no longer an idea that exists only in fiction. Anyone can bring smart elements to their home to make their lives a little easier. Whether it be a smart hub, smart plugs, or smart home security, or a host of other best smart home devices, let this new technology make your home a little more special. Be sure to SHARE these smart home tips with your friends on social media!

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