Brothers Convince Little Sister There's A Zombie Apocalypse After Her Wisdom Teeth Surgery

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These brothers are so mean!! I can't believe they did this to this girl after her surgery, she is freaking out so bad she can't even barely contain herself. Although I am dying laughing throughout the entire video, to be this girl, I would want to kick their butts after my medicine wore off. The mom was even in on it. Go mom!!!

How do they think of stuff like this? I wonder if they have any more videos? LOL! This is seriously hilarious. Funfetti cake or chocolate? She is so confused and she just loses it and starts crying. HA HA HA I can't get over leaving the dog, the poor thing chose her favorite animal and left her dog there to die. She didn't even care too, her brother said "Mom said the dog is staying" the girl said "that's fine." LOL!!! OMG!

I have to do this to someone at some point, I am making a mental note. Record it, put it in the cd player in the car, have it all prepared with my mom in on it. CHECK! I am going to record it the entire time so I can pee myself watching it later. I may have to call my sister right now to schedule a surgery, I know she needs her wisdom teeth out.

Zombies...LOL this is too much!!! I love it!!! Can you imagine being this girl and seeing this after the fact? Ha ha too funny, seriously, what a great way to end the day for me! I hope everyone enjoyed this video just as much as I did! I will watch it one more time ;)

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