Can Sharks Live In A Volcano??


It’s very unbelievable to imagine sharks living in a volcano. Well its true, recently a team of scientists made a shocking discovery while exploring a volcano that is underwater. Indeed, an underwater volcano, as shocking as it can be, it’s so real. Brennan Phillips an oceanographer and a recipient of National Geographic Society/Waitts Grant spearheaded an expedition into the depths of the South Pacific Ocean. All in the pursuit of learning more about a submarine volcano called Kavachi. Kavachi is located near the Solomon Islands.

Together with his team, Phillip knew that the summit existed about 100 feet below the sea and was very active and could be able to shoot plumes of magma into the air. The volcano can shoot nearly a quarter mile into the air. These magna form temporary islands on the surface of the ocean. Hence no one has been able to explore the volcano at a close up range. The team sent an underwater camera to give a visual view of the crater and found out that there are sharks living in the very hot and acidic waters. Crabs were also seen. Phillips observes: how can these animals be able to withstand this environment, and what kind of evolving has they undergone? Are they able to escape the eruptions in the underwater volcano in time and save themselves?”

The sharks have a higher chance of surviving human hunters down here. Well, humans are killing the sharks at a high rate and most shark species are considered to be endangered.

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