Cereal Could Extend Your Life For Five Years


Cereal is an old favorite for a lot of people. For those who hate to cook, it is the perfect thing to prepare in under a few minutes. Cereal only requires a couple of ingredients, but it is a full breakfast for some. It is a tasty and effective food that gives people a lot of energy. People don’t know this, but cereal can extend your life for 5 years, or so a recent study suggests.

If you eat cereal every day you are in luck. Prolonging your life can just be a bowl away. Cereal is high in fiber and if you consume high fiber brands you’ll have more luck making your life longer and easier. Scientists at the Harvard School of Public Health have discovered that cereal fiber has several benefits for the body and people who consume high fiber cereals on a regular basis tend to live longer. So how many bowls of cereal do you have to eat to extend your life by a long stretch of time?

Well there are a few factors that stand in your way. You have to choose the right cereal. Eating sugary cereals like Cocoa Puffs and Captain Crunch won’t do much for you, but high fiber cereals like Special K might. If you go for tasty and sweet brands there is more sugar involved than in fiber and if you can check on the fiber, it will be easier to determine which brand to choose.

You have to have around 10.22 grams of the cereal that is high in fiber per day to see the results of prolonged cereal consumption. This is based on your 1,000 kcal diet, which is lower than what most people consume. If you hate high-fiber cereals you will have to find something different. Cheerios, Special K and many other brands including Wheaties make great, and often tasty alternatives to bland tasting high fiber cereals. There are other food options that have the same effect too though. You can choose a whole wheat tortilla, black beans, wheat bread or even fruits like apples and blackberries to substitute. Really, anything high in fiber is good for you in this capacity.

The study in question concluded that there was a positive link between high fiber cereal and longer life, but the study shows that there are a lot of other factors that contribute to the risk of chronic diseases on people. Physical inactivity, unhealthy BMI and an excessive amount of processed food consumption and excessive alcohol or drug use could make a difference in life expectancy or length at any given moment. A healthy diet can help you change a lot about your health and it is imperative that you watch what you eat.

High fiber foods can help you get a lot of energy and work out harder too so experiment with eating cereal before you work out. Keeping your energy up is an essential way to live longer, fuller and faster than before.

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