Did A Fish Escape NASA?

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We all know that there’s sketchy stuff happening in the ocean. We know that our own land­mammal ways can’t possibly be as weird as those damn anglerfish with their strange little orbs on their heads that guide the way to sustenance for them. I mean seriously, who decided on how ugly those poor fellas are? Well, while fishing in ol’ blue in Mexico, a fisherman got the shock of a lifetime when he pulled in what looked like a bulging pink “alien” fish that appears as if it magically came from Mars.

It was not, however, a fish. It was a shark. Jamie Rendon brought in this salmon­colored monster on his ship, the “Dr. Pescado” while fishing in Los Cabos. Rendon, upon seeing his sunset­hued catch, had the thought that he had caught a rare shark, and rather than keep it as a trophy of his strange fishing trip, he tossed the shark back into the water, where it swam away excitedly. No doubt this shark was ecstatic not be eaten, but to be freed!

Rendon said that the oddest part of the shark was not his color, but his eyes, which had a very different hue than what he normally sees in his catches. Pisces Sportfishing Fleet said that after talking to professionals and scientists, they came to the conclusion that the shark was very likely a species of shark known for it’s prominent belly­bloat. It’s called a ‘swell shark’, and it’s common shark. However, our coral comrade likely suffered from leucism, which is a form of albinism, but doesn’t seem to have as much of an effect on the pigmentation. If this hypothesis is true, it also gives us a reason that the shark’s eyes were a different shade than what is usually seen. Hint: it’s not contacts!

Even though this shark’s coloring was out of the ordinary, swell sharks are pretty cool little creatures. When they are being hunted and feel that they are in danger, they can “blow up” their bellies by pushing water into a distinctive sack under their stomachs. It makes it really hard to eat them, (think of trying to fit your mouth around a balloon, and you’ll understand why a predator would pass up this shark), and it also makes sure that they fill up the space they are in­­the more tightly you’re packed into a small area, the harder it is for a bigger shark to pull you out and eat you.

Over all, this shark did not escape a cool NASA lab located offshore, but did have a super­awesome anomaly that made him the perfect shade of pink!

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