Elon Musk Says Soon We Will Be Competing With AI

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According to Elon Musk we are at a risk of becoming dumb house pets of artificial intelligence. This can only be avoided if we can plant technology chips into our brains to help us stand us a chance with machines in the future. Musk during a public talk on twitter last week made an announcement that there exists a neural lace. The neural lace is just a brain implant that is able to augment natural intelligence by hooking our brains up to computers. This means that we will still be able to maintain authority as a species.

During a live interview at Recode's Code Conference in California on Wednesday Musk was noted, saying that just as our cortex functions symbolically with our limbic system so will the third digital layer be able to work symbolically. Musk happens to be one of the biggest supporters of AI, though he isn’t shy to note his concerns about the future learning machines and highly advised for the social impacts of AI to be looked at. He fears that there exists a possibility that AI will one day prove to be more intelligent than humans. This could be useful if they are used to help us cure disease and solve some of the global problems we face. But then that’s only the best case scenario the worst being that they could decide to terminate us.

That’s where the neural lace becomes useful. Iain Banks a sci-fi novelist was the first person to come up with the word neural lace. A mesh that is planted in human brains. The mesh grows into the human brain and gives the brain a chance to reprogram neurons and enhance them. The main goal is to connect the human brain to high intelligent computers, hence allow us to be able to keep up with the intelligence or even surpass it. Scientists are currently working on experiments that will involve injecting the human brain with new cells in order to improve its intelligence. Last year a team of scientists was able to inject a neural mesh into the brains of mice; this was just the first step to creating an IRL neural lace.

That sounds pretty futuristic, but scientists are already working on injecting our brains with new cells in order to improve them, and, last year, researchers actually managed to inject a neural mesh into the brains of mice, which was the first step towards creating an IRL neural lace. Charles Lieber from Harvard University, one of the researchers involved in the project, told The Smithsonian last year the project needs more time in order for researchers to blur the difference between electronic circuit and neural circuits. Musk thinks the idea of neural lace is something that many companies should be looking at. Brain surgery being a tricky process, Musk suggests that the neural lace can be injected into the jugular and then be able to find its way to the brain using the bloodstream. Well let’s hope that musk and his team will come up with a viable process for the injection of the neural lace into the human brain. 

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