Elon Musk Says We’re Probably Characters In Some Advanced Civilization’s Video Game


The BEC crew wrote a viral post regarding Elon Musk’s savvy statement about being within an advanced civilizations computer game. The concept is likely mind boggling to many but BEC makes the point, there may be more of ourselves in parallel universes! This variation has countless possibilities and we must think of course, how could this be possible. The topic has been the focal point of many stories over the years, but nothing so specific as Elon Musk points out.

BEC brings about good questions asking us to challenge our reality. Are we just experiencing one giant simulation and we are characters within that simulation? Are the massive objects in our universe just projections? These are the types of thought experiments that have been devised and debated over many years by the top thinkers of the world. Elon Musk made a great correlation between the reality of 1970s video games and modern day video games.

With the trend steadily moving towards a viable 3d project over the last 20 years, Musk’s statement suggests that this could have been the same level of development that led to what we now consider as reality. His suggestion is that if the current society maintains its trajectory we will be able to create newer virtual realities just as believable as the one we are currently in.

This concept is reported to be derived from a famous Swedish Philosopher named Nick Bostrom who chartered this series of ideas back in 2003 at Oxford. He says that humans will either almost certainly die out before this happens due to climate change or other factors, or we live in a simulation already. This precept is based on the concept that there wouldn’t be much interest for wealthy individuals to design ancestor related simulations. An odd line of thinking, but one that stimulates the imagination nonetheless.

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