The Short-Lived And Easily-Forgotten Shows of The 1980s


Even CBS Wants To Forget About Manimal

The 1980s were full of TV series. With the popularity of shows like Cheers and Dynasty, some gems were short-lived, and others were easily forgotten. While some series had a great plot but no audience, others were doomed from the start.

From the solid five episode-run of Ace Crawford: Private Eye to the bad timing of Breaking Away, it’s time to strap in and take a ride down memory lane with these short-lived and easily-forgotten ’80s TV shows.

According to The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Fantasy, they’re surprised the action-adventure show Manimal ever made it past the pilot episode. Centered around a shape-shifting doctor who helps the police solve crimes, NBC wants nothing more than to forget its eight episodes ever happened.

When asked what the future of Manimal was, the network said, “nope, not on another network, not in syndication, not on home cassettes…it’s a ghost, it’s history, it’s vapor.” The show was even included in The Best of Science Fiction TV‘s list of “Worst Science Fiction Shows of All Time.” Yikes.