Gabe the Bulldog Is Super Talented Watch What He Can Do

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Gabe the Bulldog, also known as Sittingbullies Glad Tidings, is the dog who can do it all. He can even ride a toddler's rocking horse! Gabe is a beautiful white, ten year old bulldog with many talents. 

Gabe at his "rodeo"

Gabe's trainer taught the bulldog how to rock on a child's rocking horse. Either he is saying "Hi," or showing off with one hand!

Gabe the Bulldog, professionally named, Sittingbullies Glad Tidings, was born December 20, 2006. His owner is named Cheryl Knapp. Cheryl has trained Gabe to do an amazing assortment of tricks. She also has other bulldogs, named Chubbs, Meg and Pip. The tour around the globe together and compete for an array of titles.

Cheryl started training Gabe for shows at a very young age. In fact, at only six months, he earned his Rally Novice leg. He now has titles such as International Champion, Canadian Champion, and is close to earning an AKC champion title. Additionally, the list of titles obtained by Gabe during his continuing career is extensive. Gabe has earned titles from agility and obedience to therapy and companionship. Gabe is a multi-champion in the breed ring, and is actively competing in various upgrades of championships in the pedigree world. 

Not only is he an excellent competitor, he's an all around entertainer. Gabe has appeared on multiple shows as a performer, competitor and guest of honor. Sittingbullies has appeared on Good Morning America, The Late Show with David Letterman, and was a quarter finalist on America's Got Talent. To top it off, he was given the award as BCA Platinum Health Ambassador. 

The video shows some of the many talents from the little, stocky fellow. No one can be sure if guests would want a tissue to wipe their nose after it has been in a dog's mouth, but impressive nonetheless. As if the skateboarding alone wasn't enough for a standing ovation, Gabe has acquired skills to make him useful around the house, such as flushing the toilet and opening the refrigerator to request treats from his owner, Cheryl. One thing is for sure, Gabe is an amazing bulldog! 

Gabe Rocks

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