Giant Air Purifier Turns Smog Into Jewelry

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Yeah, sure it does.

Supposedly, back in 2014, a Dutch designer named Daan Roosegaarde stared out the window of his hotel room in the ever smoggy city of Beijing, and suddenly had the brightest idea: "These dirt particles in the air will make a lovely gift!"

If you are gullible enough, this so called inventor has designed a giant air purifier that sucks up air pollution and uses it to make jewelry. If you believe that, I have a bridge for sale at Macy's. But before I sell said bridge, let's delve in to the supposed technology behind this supposedly great, supposedly new, supposed invention.

Daan Roosegaarde claims to have designed a "Smog Free Tower," which creates a 'bubble' of clean air around it. Daan is a con artist – I mean, entrepreneur who wishes to build this smog free tower in China, where it would be very, very hard to check up on his work. He says the tower works by "ionizing" the dust particles, thus drawing them into the tower. Once inside the tower (because you cannot see inside the tower, of course) the smog particles are "compressed under high pressure for half an hour and set in resin in order to create jewelry."

Compressed under high pressure for half an hour and set in resin??? Is that supposed to be some sort of chemical reaction or something? By the way, ionizing is something you do with atoms, not dust particles. But let's not cloud things up with the facts.

Daan has faith in stupid people who are just not paying attention. According to Daan, the tower somehow sucks in the smog and compresses it for half an hour into a "smog free ring," with only as much electricity as is needed to boil a kettle, "in much the same way coal compresses into diamond," Daan says. Except that coal compressing into diamond takes many million years and is not the same process. But who's really listening?

We are! We wonder where he gets the metal band for the ring, and also the resin in which the smog particles are supposedly set. So we watched the video. It turns out that if you buy one of these "smog free rings," you "donate" a thousand cubic meters of clean air to the 'bubble' around Daan's smog free tower in China.

We do? But how? And how will you prove we did this? Oh, so many questions arise! 

According to Roosegaarde, the Smog Free Tower is capable of eliminating smog particles from more than a million cubic feet of air per hour, in addition to making jewelry, and all this using no more electricity than you need to boil a kettle. His "proof" is pointing out the major pollution problems in Beijing, and how particles can be dangerous when inhaled, and that something must be done about it, and that pollution is responsible for 17 percent of all deaths (a random statistic he probably made up on the spot).

Complaining about the smog problem is Daan's way of distracting us from figuring out that Daan is full of horse hockey and his silly invention will never work. That's why it is still in the conceptual stage of development. But Daan Roosegaarde's didn't say what kind of designer he is. As it turns out, Daan is a designer of cheap jewelry, with a big, stinking, steaming pile of pseudoscience to help him sell his product. 

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