Check Your Garage: These Items Could Be Worth Some Money

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Over the years, all people accumulate things whether they intend to or not. Many of us keep the mementos that mean something, like the sled you used as a kid or a gift you received for a birthday from your favorite relative. Along the way, you also happen to store things that aren’t so memorable, and these hidden valuables might be in your garage right now.

These are the things like an old pair of roller skates you outgrew fifteen years ago or cookware you can’t seem to throw out. You keep them around because you never get around to thoroughly cleaning out that closet, but you could pass up on extra cash the longer you let them sit in storage.

Check your garage these items that could be worth some money. You never know what might sell at a great price and cover a couple of bills or give you fun cash to spend on whatever you like. It’s worth taking a look if you know what to look for.

1. Antique and Intact Typewriters

Given the way life works, things that were once popular usually come back around if you give the trend enough time. After people started using computers in their daily lives, typewriters became a thing of the past. Now they’re a trendy piece of decor to keep around your home or collect. See if your old typewriter is still in your garage and take it for an appraisal. You might discover it’s worth more than the few memories attached to it.

2. Old Video Games

You might not think that video games are worth much money, but there are some that fetch big bucks. Older games belong to consoles that aren’t on the market anymore. Even though that thought might have kept those games in your garage, it’s why they could be worth so much. Rare vintage games sell for up to $1,000, depending on the condition of the package and which games you have to offer.

Hidden Valuables
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3. Your Previous Phones

Some people upgrade their phones every six months and others hold onto theirs for years. If you have an antique phone in your home, it may be worth much more than you think. People buy cell phones and landlines when they bid for them online, which racks up the price even more. Positing a good picture or two of your antique phones online could bring home a big payday.

4. Original Old Paintings

Every once in a while, you’ll hear a news story where someone pulled an old painting down from their attic and became a millionaire overnight because they didn’t realize the painting was an original Jackson Pollack. Even if you only have a few small paintings sitting around your home, get them appraised so you’re sure that you’re not sitting on a goldmine.

If you think the paintings might be worth something but you can’t get them to an appraiser in the near future, keep your items safe by thinking about the conditions in your garage. Simple steps like putting them in quality storage bins or insulating your garage will keep them in temperature-regulated storage that might make all the difference in preserving their quality.

Hidden Valuables
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5. Handmade Christmas Ornaments

People use their Christmas ornaments every year, which leads to natural wear and tear. The broken or faded ornaments might be worth more in sentimental value, but if you have old ornaments that still look fairly new, you could sell them. Check carefully for handblown ornaments, since those collect higher price tags than anything made by a machine.

6. Classic VHS Tapes

VHS tapes are another one of those things where people assume they’ve lost value because no one has VCR players anymore. Instead of buying VHS tapes to watch them, people buy them to build their collections. That’s why so many people are surprised by their value, especially because anything from Disney movies to indie films can sell for a high price.

VHS tapes worth money
Source: eBay/mediamosaic

Take a Look

The next time you have a few free minutes, check your garage storage for any of these hidden valuables. You could bring home a big check for your efforts, but don’t forget to monitor your storage conditions if you plan to hold onto things for a little longer.

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