How The Richest Religious Leaders Live

Creflo Dollar

The entire concept of most religions in this world is compassion and giving back to those who are less fortunate. However many religious leader s seem to take advantage of the money that pours in to the church from the millions of church goers around the globe. Let's take a look at just how comfortably these religious leaders live their lives. 

Creflo Dollar earned his 25 million dollar fortune through preaching on T.V. He has often been criticized though for his lavish lifestyle and the manner in which he spends his fortune. He uses a private jet to travel in order to give his sermons. 

Chris Okotie

Most well known as being a Nigerian Televangelist was Chris Okotie. He started of attempting to become a pop star but later turned his life to ministry. He was able to build an empire worth over 7 million dollars from his televised sermons and books. He is also well known for his expensive collection of cars.

Bill Moyer

Originally Bill Moyer began his carrer as a politician who worked with Lyndon B. Johnson. He was the associate director of the peace corp before going to work for Johnson. After his life in politics he bagan giving sermons and now lives a lavish lifestyle in his New Jersey mansion. 

Eddie Long

Eddie Long started his career as a salesman and turned to religion during his education. This eventually led him to becoming a small town pastor and was able to grow the church to the point of earning himself a fortune of over 5 million dollars. He ended up however finding himself right in the middle of an underage male sex scandal, but he still lives in this lavish mansion.

Ernie Fletcher

Ernie Fletcher began as a Baptist minister before deciding to turn his life to the political arena. He became the governor of Kentucky and like many others on this gallery has found himself in trouble due to corruption and an unethical hiring process. He stepped down after admitting to wrong doing but still sits as the CEO of a medical country with a net worth of over 3 million dollars. 

Billy Graham

Billy Graham has earned his popularity from being the spiritual adviser to several different U.S. Presidents. He has also been seen preaching with Martin Luther King Jr. Today he is nearly a century old with a fortune of over 25 million dollars. 

Ed Young

Ed Young was a college football player in his youth and decided to make the shift in his lifestyle by following in his fathers footsteps and becoming a preacher. His sermons began on the gym and his path led him all the way to giving sermons on T.V. He has now earned over 10 million dollars and is also a New York Times best seller. 

Edir Macedo

Edir Mocaedo is currently the single richest pastor on the planet. The Pastor from Brazil is worth over 10 billion dollars! He has used his fortune to expand his wealth even more by purchasing several television networks. His reason for his wealth is that he must maintain it in order to maintain his following.

Jack Van Impe

Jack Van Impe has a TV series called Jack Van Impe Presents that is nationally and internationally syndicated. His industry is said to be worth nearly 12 million dollars. Here his residence can be seen along a line of very large mansions. This particular religious leader also believes and shares with his followers that black holes are actually entrances to Hell. You can't make this stuff up! 

Janice Crouch

Janice Crouch is one of the original founders of the Trinity Broadcasting Network. She decided to follow in the footsteps of her father who is a preacher and her network has become the biggest Christian T.V. networks in the U.S. She is currently the president of the Holy Land Experience Park in Florida with a fortune of about 50 million dollars. 

Joel Osteen

Joel Osteen has an internationally syndicated television series. Seems to be the way that most of these religious leaders earn their wealth. Osteen is also a New York Times best selling author. His career in religion has earned him a massive fortune of over 40 million dollars. 

Jesse Jackson

As well as being known for his accomplishments in baseball, Jesse Jackson is also known for his political accomplishments. After a career in baseball Jackson turned his focus to civil rights and became ordained in the late 60's. He had his own TV show and even a couple runs for the presidency which earned him a net worth of over 10 million dollars.

John Danforth

Before turning his life to religion John Danforth was originally the attorney general of Missouri. As a priest Danforth has been able to earn himself a fortune of over 30 million dollars. He has so much in fact that he even purchased himself his very own professional hockey team. 

Jiohn Hagee

John Hagee played some college football in his younger days but moved on to become the religious leader of his very own network. His sermons air on many T.V. and radio stations which have gained him massive popularity and a fortune of over 5 million dollars. 

Jimmy Swaggart

Jimmy Swaggart was originally known as a radio and TV host. To this very day he is one of the most popular religious leaders. He did end up however having a falling out with his followers after he was caught being involved with prostitutes. Even with this happening he was able to come back and maintains a 1.5 million dollar fortune. 

Joyce Meyer

An interesting fact about Joyce Meyer is that she actually used to live a life of crime by often stealing from her employers. That is until she one day heard the voice of God call to her. This led her to change her lifestyle and start her own Christian radio series. This also led her to several T.V. programs earning her a net worth of over 10 million dollars. 

Kay Arthur

Kay Arthur started off as a model in college and then moved on to nursing school. A series of bad relationships and life choices led her to end up finding salvation in Christianity. Since then she has married a new man and began her life as a religious leader earning herself a 4 million dollar fortune. 

Ernest Angley

T.D. Jakes started off with nothing but a bible and walking door to door as a faith healer. By doing so he was able to accumulate quite a large following which eventually led him to a career in T>V. He is now worth over 15 million dollars and owns his very own private jumbo jet. 

Kirk Cameron

Most people know of Kirk Cameron from his acting role on the show Growing Pains. His sister also had some success as an actress playing the role of D.J. Tanner in the show Full House. The two siblings practice strict religious beliefs and Kirk even left his life as an actor behind. He now focuses om preaching in his ministry but as you can see he still lives quite comfortably. 

Joni Lamb

Joni Lamb is the co-founder of the Daystar Television Network where she works as a Christian broadcaster. All 4 of the mansions shown above are owned by Joni and her husband. All 4 are said to each be worth over a million dollars.

Leroy Jenkins

Leroy Jenkins was originally known for his miracle healing abilities. He sold vials of holy water that he claimed to have healing powers. Amazingly enough, yes... people are that easily manipulated. After it was discovered that his water actually contained toxic chemicals his empire quickly collapsed. The decomposing mansion above is what used to be Jenkins home.

Kenneth Copeland

Kenneth Copeland started off his career as a recording musician. He was in his early 20's when he decided to shift his career towards religion. He ended up becoming a very familiar face on television where he gave his sermons. His success has led him to becoming worth over 25 million dollars. 

Louis Farrakhan

Originally Louis Farrakhan was well-known as a violinist but gave up his career in music to follow the nation of Islam. He would go on to become the spokesperson for the N.O.I. and has earned himself a net worth of over 3 million dollars. 

Edir Mocaedo

Edir Mocaedo is currently the single richest pastor on the planet. The Pastor from Brazil is worth over 10 billion dollars! He has used his fortune to expand his wealth even more by purchasing several television networks. His reason for his wealth is that he must maintain it in order to maintain his following.

N.T. Wright

Nicholas Thomas Wright works as a pastor in the United Kingdom. He has been able to grow his fortune to over 2 million dollars as a result of his talents as an author. He now works as a professor educating people on views from the right-wing side of the country. Wright is known as a major advocate against gay rights. 

Noel Jones

The Los Angeles church known as Greater Bethany Church barely had a thousand followers when Noel Jones first became the pastor there. He has since grown the community exponentially as a result of his preaching and has become extremely popular. He now has a net worth of over 5 million dollars. 

Pat Robertson

Pat Robertson become best on The 700 Club. Robertson has earned himself a name in pop culture and currently has an estimated net worth of over 200 million dollars. There are some people however that speculate that his fortune is actually closer to a billion dollars. 

Reinhard Bonnke

Reinhard Bonnke found retribution in Jesus as a German pastor as a way to make up for his sins in his youth. He grew very popular throughout Africa which granted him the fame and fortune of over 4 million dollars. He is also a self proclaimed healer claiming to have healed people from everything from the flu all the way to AIDS.

T.D. Jakes

T.D. Jakes is a minister who is originally from West Virginia. Most of his younger days included taking care of his father which is also when he decided to begin a life in ministry. He started to record gospel albums after giving sermons over the radio. He is currently worth over 15 million dollars. 

Peter Popoff

Peter Popoff is a minister who goves his sermons on T.V. and is originally from Berlin. After he graduated from College he found a way to the big screen and is best known for his healing powers. He was believed to be able to heal any illness until he was exposed as a hoax in the mid 90's. 

Paula White

Paula White started her career in Theology immediately after graduating from college. She is very well known for delivering her sermons in comedic fashion. Due to her unique personality she has been able to earn a fortune of over 5 million dollars which is also due to her successful TV show. She has been married 3 times now and has received a lot of criticism for her lifestyle.