Jonbenet’s Brother Speaks Out


Almost 20 years ago the world heard the incredibly frightening and upsetting news that Jonbenet Ramsey was found dead. Jonbenet was a stunning little girl that lived in Colorado. She had gone with her family the night before she was found to a Christmas party. She was put to bed like normal that night, but in the morning as her family began to wake they were unable to find her anyway. Jonbenet’s mother, Patsy Ramsey called the police to report that she was missing. Finally, they checked the basement downstairs and found Jonbenet in the wine cellar. The six year old was not breathing. By the time the police showed up they had brought the little girl upstairs making it more difficult to assess the crime scene.

At first the police did not believe that anyone in the home committed this despicable crime. It was not until Patsy was being interviewed by the police when she openly stated, (without being asked) “I did not kill my little girl.” This was the first instance where police began to think that Patsy could have been involved. During the investigation it came out that Jonbenet had a bedwetting problem. At one point detectives thought that Jonbenet might have wet her bed that night and Patsy got angry and accidentally struck the girl and knocked her into something. Then proceeded to cover up the murder.

There was another question if perhaps Burke Ramsey, Jonbenet’s older brother had intentionally or accidentally murdered his younger sister. For the first time ever Burke came out and spoke openly about this ordeal. He sat with Dr. Phill to answer questions regarding Jonbenet’s death. Burke told Dr. Phil about his memories from that day and the panic and sadness he felt when he was finally told that his little sister was dead. Burke stated that Jonbenet was killed by “a pedophile who saw her at a pageant.” He denied ever hurting the girl and said that his mother could not have done it either. The interview was informing, but Burke’s demeanor came in to question for the way he continually smiled while discussing this atrocity. Hopefully one day we will find out who really did kill Jonbenet.

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