Kevin Durant Is Everything And More This Year In Golden State


When Kevin Durant decided over the summer to leave the Oklahoma State Thunder and sign with the Golden State Warriors, everyone was completely shocked. Fans knew Durant wanted to test the waters in free agency, but nobody thought he would go to the team that had just barely defeated him in the western conference finals. The Warriors already had their beloved super star and current NBA MVP in Steph Curry, so why would Durant go there? I asked myself the same question, but obviously Durant thought that was his best opportunity to win a championship, which is something he has never done. Durant has been very close to winning a championship but never seemed to get there in his lustrous career.

Durant's Warrior teammates have taken notice this year and they think Durant has a lot of room to grow and get better. Andre Iguodala, who started his career next to Allen Iverson in Philadelphia, knows a thing or two about playing with great players. He thinks that Durant will only get better in his new home in California. “KD has been just about as good as you can possibly be, (but) I don’t think he’s really scratched the surface as far as what he can do,” Iguodala said this week, after the Warriors improved to a league-best 16-2 with a win over the Atlanta Hawks. “He’s kind of holding back on everyone else, so I’m looking forward for him to step on that pedal as we continue.”

It seems that Durant has been getting used to his new role with his new team this year and he is spreading the ball around more than ever. When you watch Durant play, you can see that he really trusts his teammates this year, and he knows that the final shot does not have to fall on his shoulders each and every night. It does help Durant when he knows he has the current MVP on his team and arguably the greatest shooter in NBA history. In most other years, production like this would dominate the headlines. Durant, who so many assumed would have to sacrifice production, when he signed with the Warriors in July, is on pace to have the most efficient season of all time for a player averaging at least 25 points a game (his true shooting percentage, which combines overall, three-point and free-throw marks, is a career-high .681). His overall production has been tremendous, too. He is stepping up as a badly needed rim protector on defense.

Moving forward, it will only get more and more exciting to watch Kevin Durant with his new team. Once he fully gets used to playing with them, the rest of the NBA better look out because they might be unstoppable. Durant came to Golden State with intentions of winning his first NBA championship and if he keeps playing the way he is, watch out NBA. “I try to think about so much when I’m playing, but sometimes you’ve just got to say ‘Forget it’ and just go,” Durant admitted. “Who cares who shoots? Our offense is so free flowing that the ball is going to find the open guys. If you move, you get open, you’re going to get shots. Some nights I might have it, some nights Steph might have it or Klay might have it, but I don’t think any one of us really cares if someone shoots more shots than us.” For Durant to make this type of statement proves exactly how comfortable he is getting with his new team and the type of trust they are building in Golden State. 

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