Best Kitchen Decor Ideas

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Have you become bored with your kitchen design? If you’re itching for a renovation of any size, you may be able to achieve a fresh new look without having to knock down walls or break out heavy machinery. Here are some of the best kitchen decor ideas to get you inspired.

kitchen decor ideas
Source: Gwen Lewis

Splash of Color

One of the easiest ways to revamp your kitchen is with a paint. You can do this in so many ways, so there’s no excuse to be stuck with an all-white kitchen any longer. It used to be that only accent walls with bright colors were in style, but now the bolder the better, especially when it comes to kitchen backsplashes. Painting the cabinets instead of installing new ones is one of the best ways to brighten up a kitchen atmosphere. Although it may be a bit of an investment time-wise, you can save a lot of money and preserve your own creativity. Look into using more natural dyes and pigments in any kitchen color additions as drawers, cabinets, and countertops all come in contact with food and cooking utensils. Don’t forget to consider your lighting before slapping on a new coat of paint because both artificial and natural changes can alter the end result.

Upgrade Your Seating

Even if it’s just one element, bold-colored counter stools can be a fun touch to any mostly white kitchen. Interior designers are now opting for built-in bench seating in dining nooks or the kitchen. Using benches instead of chairs gives the setting a cozy, banquet-style feel but without the commitment or cost (especially if you can DIY). In addition to creating a lounge-like area, you can use the bench as hidden storage for blankets games or table settings.

Experiment with Pattern and Texture

Utilize different varieties of natural stone, different types of wood, as well as matte or glossy surfaces for a unique look that’s not too matchy. Rather than a tile backsplash above the counter, update your look by featuring an entire wall of tile. This will incorporate depth, texture and visual interest to any style kitchen.

If your kitchen already features a peninsula or island with a raised bar, adding beadboard paneling will give something that’s usually flat and boring an attractive finish that can be appreciated from the dining areas as well.

Quirky Decor

If you have an empty space or a bland wall that needs a facelift, adding framed album covers, fabric swatches, or unique wallpapers makes for a fun twist on wall art. Vintage dishes found at antique stores or a variety of mirrors can be fashioned into art pieces with minimal cost and effort. This is the perfect opportunity to display some of those DIY crafts you’ve been dying to try. You can choose to spread out your decorations to encompass the whole area or decide on an eye-catching focal point that commands all the attention.

kitchen decor ideas
Source: Gwen Lewis

Get Creative with Storage and Shelving

Now that you’ve updated your kitchen vibe with fresh colors and decorations, it’s time to add some layers. Open shelving is a great place to start. For a more drastic change, you can simply take the doors off of one or two kitchen cabinets and add paint or fun wallpaper to the backs of them. Don’t worry though, there’s no need to tear out all your upper cabinets. If you’d rather add than take away, simply place one or two floating shelves on an open wall or above empty counter space. You can even add little hooks beneath cabinets or floating shelves to hold cups.

There’s no such thing as too much storage, to declutter countertops you can stash bulky appliances, like standing mixers, toaster ovens, and blenders behind a sliding cabinet door. You can easily stow prepackaged foods in low drawers or baskets for easy access to snacks.

Enhance Those Appliances

Kitchen appliances no longer have to be purely functional workhorses. Old and dated appliances next to updated cabinetry can make your kitchen look mismatched and feel incomplete. Nowadays, there are many options that can turn functionality into a design element or focal point. Swapping older appliances for new stainless steel might be the perfect finishing touch for your new kitchen. To warm up your kitchen, opt for brass or copper finishes.

Adding a high style range as the centerpiece of the kitchen or installing a digital or glass door refrigerator could be a great look for a more modern design. You might also consider investing in a unique retro style fridge with a pop of color to match or contrast the rest of the room. If you are attached to your appliances or simply don’t want to go over budget, you can even recolor your stainless steel appliances with vinyl.

Using these tips, you can take your kitchen forward without setting yourself back. A few of these cosmetic kitchen decor ideas can help create the dream kitchen you’ve always wanted without breaking the bank. Be sure to SHARE these home renovation tips with your friends on social media!

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