Magic Johnson’s Wife Speaks Out


 Cookie and Magic Johnson are not your typical celebrity couple. They have had many ups and downs but in September they celebrated their 25-year anniversary. Magic Johnson was a superstar athlete, he played or the Los Angeles Lakers and dominated the court. This beautiful couple met and fell in love while they were both in college attending Michigan State University. They were on and off for a while, but eventually got married. They had only been married for 41 days when Magic had to take a routine blood test and found out that he was HIV positive.

It was in October of 1991 when Magic found out, and this was not a good time for HIV or AIDS patients. People assumed that if you had HIV you were automatically homosexual and had acquired it from a same sex partner. People also still believed that the disease could be transferred by touch or just being in close quarters. It was obvious to Cookie that Magic had acquired HIV during one of their many splits before marriage. Magic was known to be quite the ladies man and had several sexual partners. Cookie has stated that it was very awkward for her when Magic had to go into a room and call all of his old partners to inform them of his diagnosis.

Cookie was already pregnant by the time Magic informed her of his diagnosis. She was terrified that their child would be born with the disease as well. She anxiously waited for two weeks before finding out the results and learning that their son was not HIV positive. Magic has never developed AIDs from the HIV. She made the decision to stand by her husband and has never looked back. This couple has endured a lot over the years. Magic decided to come out publicly and let the world know about his diagnosis. Cookie stuck through the rumors that he was gay or bisexual and they decided that they needed to fight for greater awareness of AIDS/HIV. They founded the Magic Johnson Foundation in 1991. It is now their life’s work to help keep people informed as well as, more importantly, helping those that have been diagnosed with how to cope and what direction to go in.

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