Many NBA Teams Now Set To Boycott Staying in Trump Hotels


The Trump news these days just does not seem to stop at all and it seems it will keep going on for months to come. No matter what station you are watching, or what radio show you are listening to, Trump comes up all the time. Now he is in the news in the NBA. Already many sports figures have come out and voiced their disgust with Trump and what he represents. Just like in the NFL last week, when Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver took a knee during the national anthem to protest Trump. That is only one example I am going to give you and surely many more will come.

Now many NBA players have decided to boycott Trump and will not stay at any Trump hotel on road trips this coming season. In the past seasons, NBA teams have often stayed at the Trump hotel as they are all nice and luxurious hotels. Also, you usually find a Trump hotel located in just about every big city in the country, so access to these was ideal for NBA teams. However, since Trump was elected President, many teams are now saying they will not, under any circumstances, stay in a Trump hotel, no matter what the case may be. So far, the Dallas Mavericks, Memphis Grizzlies, and Milwaukee Bucks will not be staying in any Trump hotels this season, and surely there will be more NBA teams that follow.

These NBA teams have said they want to distance themselves from the Trump brand as much as possible. The reason they gave, for wanting to do this, was that they did not agree with Trump's vulgar comments he has made regarding foreigners, women, and the disabled. The NBA so far has been the most vocal professional sports league that has come out and said they do not support Donald Trump for president. Many coaches, announcers and general managers have been taking shots at Trump since the NBA season began a month ago.

With only three NBA teams making public statements recently, I am sure many more will come out in the coming months and boycott Trump. Super star, Lebron James, even recently said that if his Cleveland Cavs win another NBA championship, he is not sure if they will visit the White House and Donald Trump. That is a bold statement, because each year it is an honor for the champions to visit the White House and it has been a tradition for many years. If I had to guess, stories like this are going to continue to come and intertwine with sports over the next four years.

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