Men Wanting To Use Protection May Be Influenced By How Attractive Their Mate Is

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It’s no secret that men are highly motivated by their sexual desires. Look at history. Look at the media. Look all around you. Those who are deemed as beautiful, are instantly rewarded no matter what their souls look like. It’s simply a fact based in DNA. Prettier people end up getting more opportunities. They end up securing partners more frequently as well. 

A surprising new study is actually not that surprising at all. Condoms aren’t everyone’s best friend. Straight men practically hate them. Their selfish ways often encourage them to forget condoms all together. Apparently the study claims that straight men decide to have safe sex depending on how attractive they find their partner. Their fear of STI’s actually becomes irrelevant.

56 straight men were studied. This is quite the small pool in the grand scheme of things, but for a moment you can understand why the results matter.

The men varied from ages 19 to 61. That’s quite a gap. Of course over time the preference for condoms dwindles anyway, but you can understand the value of having different kinds of people in a sample.

Similar studies have already determined that people love looks. It’s just a simple fact. As previously stated, it’s apparent that hose who are deemed “better looking” than some can actually achieve higher regardless of talent or social standing. Just look at Hollywood casting.

Pretty privilege is a serious and real thing. Of course when people are choosing a sexual partner for pleasure or reproduction, it’s apparent that attractiveness plays a huge part. Seriously, we didn’t need a study to tell us that.

The purpose of this study in particular was to determine what motivates people from not using condoms during casual sex. Of course, being drunk and irresponsible is definitely a factor. Being reckless and stupid is another factor. This study showed that attractiveness actually plays a shockingly important part in all of this.

Participants were shown black and white photos of different women. They were asked questions like “Would you have sex with this woman if the opportunity should arise?” If most guys are how we think most guys are they said yes to most. Shockingly enough after the question “Would you have sex with this woman if she had an STI? Would you use a condom if you had to?” People said yes an they said yes more often if the woman was hot. 

Wow. Shallow shallow results. Does it really surprise anyone though? The more attractive the woman, the less likely they were to use a condom. Riskier woman were deemed as more attractive. More attractive meant more risk. More risk meant no condoms. What a bizarre, but sound correlation. it pretty much reaffirms what people really think about women, and how they create their expectations of them. 

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