Mesmerizing Historical Photos From The Wild Wild West

By DEF Contributor


The Wild West in the United States has a rich history full of cowboys, outlaws, lawmen, Native Americans, and opportunity. The Wild West was uncharted territory, and anyone who traveled there to make a life there was taking a risk in hopes that it would pay off. Those who traveled west were pioneers in search of gold, riches, or land. They were fearless, and because of these adventurers, the area west of the Mississippi River was coined the Wild West. 

Custer's final photo

George Armstrong Custer

The era of the Wild West began after the end of the Civil War. George Custer Armstrong was a U.S. Army officer and cavalry commander during the Civil War. After that, his next mission was to go west. In going west, he met up with the Lakota Indians in the Yellowstone area. He went on to have skirmishes and battles with other Native American tribes, but he met his match with the Lakota, Cheyenne, and Arapaho tribes at Little Bighorn. Custer and his men were defeated, and Custer was killed, but his pursuits were forever tied to the west.