Milk Could Be The Miracle Your Skin Needs


Milk is a great source of calcium, but has been under fire by vegans and people who want to end the consumption of animal products. People claim that milk is responsible for clogging arteries and other ailments. Most research supports the fact that milk is good for your teeth and bones, and the “Got milk” campaigns of yesterday still stick out in many minds. There are a lot of uses for milk that surpass consumption.

Beauty products generate billions of dollars in revenue per year, and the industry makes it so that you have to have new and interesting, trending products all the time. Milk naturally enhances the skin and hair and is actually included in a lot of different beauty products. And it can enhance the skin and hair as well as your teeth and insides. Milk can get rid of impurities on the skin, its lactic acid can help remove dead skin too. Milk’s natural properties like lipase and lactic acid can get rid of impurities, blemishes and discoloration.

Milk can act like pretty much anything, and it has moisturizing properties. Milk is rich in protein, water and fat. The lost hydrating factors are a common problem in dry skin and can affect the shine and sheen of your face. You can use milk to moisturize chapped lips and the bi-product of milk known as Ghee can help your body and face. Milk can also act as a skin whitener, while not abrasive as a lot of bleaching or brightening methods it can assist in removing skin cells that are over pigmented. If you’re trying to get a rid of a sunburn milk can help with the problems associated with burns. It can also act as a relieving agent. Milk can help lighten the skin and can assist in removing pigment. Drinking milk regularly can give you a healthy glow. Your face, arms and legs can get lighter or creamier looking with topical application.

You can also use milk to help with your hair. You can make hair shinier and softer by rubbing milk onto the scalp like shampoo. You can even create a milk mask by combining it with coconut oil and leaving your hair in a shower cap. Roughness and dryness in hair can be affected positively. If used regularly hair can be treated entirely with this method. Hair conditioners all over the market have contained milk for a while now, but you can wash your hair with milk or spray it into the hair to make it silky and smooth. You can also use raw, whole milk to grow the hair longer. If you combine coffee, eggs, yogurt, olive oil and almond oil into a mask and leave it on for an hour, the vitamin D and calcium in the milk can work wonders on your skin and hair. Cow milk is a healthy drink and its properties can be used for a lot of different things. Strong bones and teeth as well as healthy and strong hair. It is also said that milk can strengthen your immunity and cardiovascular health. 

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