NASCAR Drivers Commute To Work In Some Seriously Interesting Automobiles

By Sara

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Takes It Easy In His Chevy Laguna

To a professional NASCAR driver, there is probably nothing more thrilling than going 200 miles per hour on the track during a race. Because of that, you would think drivers like Joey Logano and Tony Stewart would feel the need for speed off the track, too. Here are all the unexpected and most interesting cars the best racers in the world come home to. Which one is most surprising to you?

dale earnhardt jr chevy laguna

To be fair, the Chevy Laguna isn’t the only car Dale Earnhardt Jr. comes home to after a race. Outside of NASCAR, he is known for his massively expensive collection of cars. The Laguna just might be his favorite.

The reason Earnhardt Jr. is such a die-hard Laguna man is because they were the same cars used in racing decades ago. Today, they can be found quite cheap on the used market, although we’re pretty sure Earnhardt Jr. souped his up just a bit, increasing its value.