This Loveable Grandma Turns Her Daily Workout Into A Personal Crusade Against Liter.

Laurie McKeever is 80 years old and believes “ being tighty just feels rihgt.” Must be the reason why she picks up liter along the way on her daily three mile walk. This Crystal Lake, Illonis woman takes keeping her neighborhoosclean to another level. Every morning, once the light strikes her windows, she is up and ready to go with her trash bags handy.

Laurie’s instinct for picking up trash was handed down from her deceased father. She would go on walks with him and pick up trash. She was amazed by what she would find and still is. Whether it was a candy rapper for instance, to items as important such as licenses, credits cards, and aluminum cans which she takes on additional time from her day in order to cash in and donate to local food pantries. ”I think about how proud he would be that I'm still picking up litter, all these years later,” says laurie. What do you think folks, is Lauries Dad proud?

Long live to laurie and her good heart! Despite condition known as aortic stenosis, causing one of the valves out of her heart not to work quite right. Does this stop her daily routine let alone acts of cleanliness and Kindness nope, well only on rainy days. Well then again, according to Laurie, rainy days that happen before her walk, because if she is already walking she will not turn around. This is what you call dedication. Lets keep it clean and maximize our excercise to a maximum just like the 80 year old grandma of Illinois. If she can do it why cant we? Lets keep America clean and its 6,500 awfully litered pieces of bad milegae. That's more than one piece per foot! Thus, if we can decrease the amount of visible litter, we can make a difference in the attitude towards litering altogether. Just imagine if we had 100 million Laurie’s, it would be bye bye dirty, hello clean and tidy!

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