Nightmare On Elm Street Facts That'll Keep You Awake

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Nightmare on Elm Street is Based On a True Story

The Nightmare On Elm Street is an American horror film classic that continues to be one of the most popular horror films of all time. Freddy Krueger is THE ultimate bad guy as he can follow you into your dreams, giving you no place to run or hide. Here is 20 secrets from the film that will haunt you in your dreams. 

A group of refugees from Southeast Asia fled to America to escape persecution. Three of them experienced terrifying nightmares, in three separate instances, where they were forced to try to keep themselves awake as long as they could. Of course, one can only do this for so long before your body just shuts down and they eventually fell asleep. Each of them ended up waking up and dying, screaming from the nightmares, and there was no medical reason for their deaths. Pretty creepy eh?