One Week Away From Knowing Who Will Make the College Football Playoffs


College football fans across the country have been waiting for this moment the whole season, to see if their beloved team will make the 4 team playoff. We are less than a week away from finding out who will make the final 4 and move on to the playoffs. Right now, if the playoffs started today, it would be Alabama in the 1 seed, Ohio State in the 2 seed, Clemson in the 3 seed and Washington in the 4 seed. One thing everyone in the country can agree on is that the Alabama Crimson Tide, even if they have their first loss this Saturday, in SEC championship game, will be in the playoffs.

Alabama is the clear cut number 1 team this season and they have showed it week in and week out throughout the season. After Alabama, things get a little tricky, as you have an Ohio State team ranked number 2, who just had a huge win over Michigan last Saturday. However, they did not even make their own conference championship game. It seems not playing in their conference championship game will actually benefit the Buckeyes, who will get to rest up and watch from home. Penn State and Wisconsin will battle in the Big Ten championship game this Saturday and neither team is ranked in the top 4. Wisconsin is ranked 6th in the country, and Penn State is ranked 7th in the country. Either of those teams would need some help to get in the playoffs, and they would need to blow out the other team in the championship game.

The Clemson Tigers hold the number 3 spot right now and they could get in with a win against a feisty Virginia Tech team Saturday night, in the ACC championship game. Clemson lost late in the year and if they can win Saturday, they would secure a spot in the playoffs for the second year in a row. Clemson is hungry to get back to the playoffs and they want redemption on an Alabama team. They played very tough last year in the National Championship game, but came up short in the end. The Tigers have beaten some tough teams this year, and having both FSU and Louisville in there conference goes good for the Tigers. I am sure they have had Alabama on their minds since last season.

The Washington Huskies are the 4th ranked team in the college football playoffs right now. They will play a tough Colorado team this Friday in the Pac 12 championship game. However, their strength of schedule has not been the best this season. If there are any close calls in the last 4 to get in, it seems this is the team that could be left out of the playoffs. Many fans across the country do not think Washington should be in the playoffs due to their strength of schedule, which has been in question all season long. Most people would like to see Michigan get in the playoffs, as they barely lost to number 2 Ohio State in double overtime a week ago. No matter who makes the playoffs, it will be another great college football playoff year.

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