Pedestal or Crucifix--Pro-feminists Try To bully A Sexy Woman

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The beautiful Colombian actress Sofia Vergara participated in a scene at the awards show on that had viewers around the world yelling, “SEXISM!” Vergara, 42, did nothing but stand on a pedestal in an elegant and form-fitting white dress. While Television Academy chairman Bruce Rosenblum gave a speech that didn’t necessarily get the audience pumped with adrenaline, Vergara‘s pedestal rotated, showing off her beautifully sculpted arms, graceful curves, and heart-melting smile. 

Meanwhile on social media, the stunt was slammed for what many considered to be blatant sexism and the objectification of women. One Twitter user @samala_prosser posted, “’Modern Family’ wins every award it's ever nominated for but apparently that's not enough for Sofia Vergara to be treated as more than a prop.”

The four-time Emmy and Golden Globe nominee defended her role in the skit, and stated that she had an idea on who started the rant. Her advice was that they “lighten up.” After the show, she told Entertainment Weekly, “I think it’s absolutely the opposite. It means that somebody can be hot and also be funny and make fun of herself.“

Although Vergara was socially crucified by pro-feminists, she still looks amazingly hot, maintains her confidence and humor, not to mention has more awards than they can even dream of. Tweet on, my friends. Her career pays her more than the $0 dollars Twitter pays you to throw shade.

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