Pregnant Customer Posts Complaint On Facebook After Cashier Harasses Her At Checkout

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A Lidl store has come under fire online after a customer posted to Facebook about a harrowing experience she encountered with a member of their staff. By the sounds of things the female member of the checkout team who served pregnant Emily Saunders must have skipped her customer service training day.

On Sunday the 34-year-old visited a Lidl branch in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire for the first time. At 36 weeks pregnant her baby bump was obviously noticeable and picked up on by the employee serving her. Saunders took to Facebook to detail her confrontation at the (not so) supermarket.You’d expect that when the store clerk saw a heavily pregnant lady coming towards her her natural reaction would be to ask if she needed any extra assistance. But sadly this was not the case.

This individual had obviously gotten out of bed on the wrong side that morning because she went on to make multiple inappropriate comments towards Saunders. At one point insinuating that “nothing was on TV that day,” so that’s why she was knocked up. This was far from true. Saunders became pregnant after multiple IVF treatments, therefore the odd jibes made about her bump were extremely cutting and hurtful.

According to the Daily Mail, a Lidl spokesperson said: We are investigating it as a matter of priority and will be taking the appropriate steps. As a matter of course we will ensure that employees of our Wellingborough store receive additional training, to avoid anything like this from happening again.” Fingers crossed Lidl will pull their finger out and the member of staff involved will be properly reprimanded. I personally think that the supermarket only have one choice, it starts with ‘fire’ and ends with ‘her.’

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