Ray Allen Is Not Slowing Down Anytime Soon In Retirement

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Ray Allen will go down as one of the best shooters to ever play in the NBA! His ‘catch and immediately shoot’ mentality was so rare, when he played, and many teams reaped the benefits, especially the Miami Heat. A few seasons ago, when they were playing the Spurs, he caught a ball in the corner, pulled up and hit a game winning three pointer to give Miami the NBA championship. He has been known for these big shots throughout his whole entire NBA career, and that is why teams have wanted him so bad on their team.

He has not played in an NBA game since 2014 and is enjoying life outside of the NBA. Even though Ray is retired from the NBA, he is still a competitor and now has taken up long distance running for his next big challenge. “The minimum I run each day is 21/2 miles,” Allen told USA TODAY Sports. “I’ll get to the weekend and sometimes I’ll run 10 miles. I’ve gotten up to 16 miles on the weekend. Running keeps me locked in.” On the day he was interviewed, he said he planned on running an astonishing 20 miles the next day.

Ray Allen has found a new love and a way to keep the competitive fire alive inside his 41 year old body. Running is a great way to stay in shape and is such a challenge that not many people can even get past running a mile, let alone an entire marathon. That is Ray Allen's next goal: to complete an entire marathon and complete it with a good time. Ray understands that his body is his temple and he wants to be healthy for as long as possible. Running is a great way for him to stay in shape and challenge himself day in and day out; somewhat similar to when he was playing basketball. 

At 41, and two years removed from his last NBA game, Allen also golfs, owns an organic restaurant with his wife, in South Florida, attends his children’s sporting events, plays in the occasional pickup basketball game with former pros and of course, maintains a pure diet, indulges infrequently in a gluten-free pizza and only when he knows he’s going to burn the calories with intense exercise. “What I learned in my career is to know how to take care of my body and treat it with respect,” Allen said. “I will never forget that and never let go of that.”

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