The Duggars: 20 Kids In One Family

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These 2 parents had 20 kids - naturally. 

The Duggar family had 20 kids of their own, naturally. This woman gave birth 20 times! Their house is huge, as you could imagine, the way they are organized is unbelievable. Each kid has chore on a certain day, they all help each other fight, they rarely fight and the love they all have for one another is unreal. These 2 parents really know how to raise some children and they've done it 20 times. Can you imagine, 20 kids. Wow! Check out some of the family members here in this gallery! 

 Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are the parents of these 20 children. The most calm parents you could ever see. They aren't just like that on TV either, it's how they are. Their children are so well behaved, they have a regimen they follow every day, I'm telling you, if you need some parenting advice. you need to reach Michelle Duggar.