The Ins and Outs of Superman

Although telephone booths may be slowly becoming a relic of the past, the man who emerged from them endures today. Superman. The simplicity of the name communicates simplicity of character. Honest. Hard­working. Superman epitomizes “the good guy”, the humble, slightly nerdy reporter who becomes all that we all wished we could be as kids.

This aura has lit fire in the hearts of people around the world for decades, whether it was the original DC comic, George Reeves in 1951 or the 2013 Man of Steel début. And we can all point to individuals that have served as our own personal Super men and women in our lives. Here are a few of the more impressive cape bearing heros:

1. Christopher Dennis. It’s more than just a persona. For Mr. Dennis, it’s a profession. He earns his living as Superman on Hollywood Boulevard, and has both aided a Wonder Woman double from an aggressive passerby and returned a stolen item to a local business. All in a days work.

2. Antonio Cortes. It was all too fitting that he was dressed as Superman when he stopped an ATM robbery on his way back from an event.

3. Morristown West High School, Tennessee. Students here honor a classmate, Jonathan “Superman” Fluker, who battled cancer for 6 years and played defensive lineman for the school’s football team.

4. Charlie Soffer. Aka the St. Louis Superman. He de­escalated two agitated fans at a Cardinals game during superhero night, easing the atmosphere for everyone at Busch Stadium.

5. A young child prances through the park happily and bravely during the Bird Flu scare of 2005.

6. Michael Wheeler. Marathoner, pacifist, Evangelist, superhero. He is pictured here in Fergeson, Missouri during the riots in fall of 2014 trying to spread peace and understanding.

7. “In favor of justice for the workers”. An individual in Costa Rica on Labor Day promoting his fellow workers.

8. Danny Arnold. Superman vs. Batman? No, just a dad walking with his daughter to a superhero party to make her less embarrassed.

9. France, 2010. This individual is protesting pension reforms in his hometown.

10. Damon Cole. A corporal with the Dallas Police surprises 7 year old Bryce

Schottel, who is fighting the battle against Leukemia, for the Heroes, Cops,

and Kids program.

11. An individual resisting American intervention in Italy.

12. Ben Mudge. A personal trainer in Belfast who also lives with Cystic Fibrosis,

and dawns his Superman workout shirt to empower others who live with the

condition during his clinics.

13. 2005, New York. Superman and Wonder Woman stand up against scrutiny

and stereotypes during a pride parade.

14. Luke Junior. On his way to a charity event dressed as Superman, this security guard caught and detained the culprit of a bacon burglary until officials arrived.

15. Twickenham Rugby Stadium, UK, 2005. This Superwoman is helping raise money for cancer research by setting a world record for rappelling.

16. A young child from Pakistan sports his Superman costume during a protest against the Israeli West Bank barrier.

17. Scott LoBaido. In the aftermath of the 2000 election, this citizen show his approval of the election’s outcome.

18. Tori Phillips. A true superhero, this man saved a child from a burning building in East Dallas.