The Most Hilarious Video Clips On The Internet!

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Can you imagine being on live TV, hundreds of thousands of people watching you and you make a complete fool of yourself? Or something hilarious happen to you and you have to keep it together as much as you can, for the viewers? Some of these clips are absolutely hilarious! I don't think I would be able to keep my stuff together if some of this happened to me.

One of my favorites has to be the guy with the little Einstein kid. The poor kid was just sitting there, relaxing, minding his own business and the reporter totally pissed him off. Poor kid. What a cute kid and the reporter totally ruined the moment! LOL!! How about getting banged in the face by a football? He kept it together quite well, I'd say! 

WOW! What about getting knocked out on live TV? Or getting pooped on by a flying bird above? You know, getting pooped on is supposed to be good luck. I don't know if I would want that kind of luck, but that's what people say. I'll take their word for it!! Oh the fish reporter, LOL! I am dying!! She knocks the fisherman over and everything! Poor guy! She couldn't keep herself together, I wouldn't have been able to either! 

The hurricane - oh boy. I wonder if he figured out what was going on. That's hilarious!! Poor guy! Were talking national TV and no one told him in his mic? Ha ha! 

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