Thieves Return Stolen Gnome With An Epic Book That Shared His Journey!

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Eight months after the happy gnome that was a greeter at the home of Bev York went missing it was unexpectedly returned, but it wasn’t alone. On July 25th Bev York, whose home is in the Victoria Highlands area of British Columbia, discovered that her gnome had been returned. She found the gnome in a plastic bag that was left on the gate to her driveway and along side the gnome a hardcover book with the gnome’s picture that was titled “Leopold”.

Bev York was surprised to say the least, but nevertheless she opened the book and began to read:

“Hi, my name is Leopold the traveling gnome,” read the first page of the book. “One morning back on December ’15, I saw a motorhome toddle along Finlayson Arm Road and I thought to myself, ‘There’s got to be more to life than standing knee-deep in rainwater, being peed on by neighborhood dogs and staring at the same view every single day.”

Bev quickly discovered that her gnome not only had a name, Leopold, but that he had also traveled quite extensively. According to the book depicting his travels, Leopold had visited The Grand Canyon, Route 66, and possibly San Ignacio, Mexico.

Bev was not the only person to find humor in the prank. She shared the story and book with her gardener, who also enjoyed it and laughed at the joke and the travels of Leopold. It was apparent looking through the book Leopold saw parts of the world most only dream of while thoroughly enjoying travel libations, as he can be seen in the book with a Margueritas.

Unfortunately the gnome borrowers are anonymous, but if Bev knew who they were she said she would express her gratitude with just one comment, “next time take me instead”. Which Bev says was her response when she read the note left in the book that said: “Hope you enjoyed my album. Sorry I disappeared for so long, and remember: adventure before dementia.”

Leopold’s story is too cute not to share. It’s circulating the internet so please feel free to continue the trend. We look forward to see Leopold’s story and his travels gaining attention, maybe the borrowers too!

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