This Groom Wrote Vows To His Soon To Be 5 Year Old Step Daughter


Mike Seldon, groom, had his guests all teared up when he said his vows not only to his fiancé, but his soon to be step daughter as well. He made some heartfelt promises to Heidi, his step daughter.  “I promise to always be fair and honest with you, I will support you in every way that I can, I will brush your hair and hold your hand when you let me, I will tuck you in bed every night, I promise to show you how a man should treat a woman with my marriage to your mother and above all else, I promise to care for you, protect you and love you with all of my heart, til death do us part.”

Mike had a difficult time getting the words out, even though he was reading them off of his card, the emotions were so intense and the bride was trying to hold back too. “It’s unbelievable to find someone that loves you so much and it’s pretty awesome to find someone that will accept that you have a child with someone else, yet loves her as his own. It’s such a blessing to have him in our lives and we are so grateful for everything he has done,” Brittany said. Mike has been in Heidi’s life since she was 14 months old, Brittany was at first protective of her daughter, as any mother would be, she wanted to take things slow with Mike to make sure it was going to work out. “It wasn’t the easiest thing, to start dating again,” Brittany said. “But, I’m glad I did because he’s so special to us.”


“He was so patient, we would be in the middle of a movie and I would have to change her diaper or put her back to sleep, I didn’t have the luxury of a ‘normal’ dating life, I had a responsibility and she was my priority. I had a rule that he could not sleep over if Heidi was at my house, only when she was at her dads house and he never seemed bothered by it at all,” Brittany told reporters. It took some time but Brittany and Mike were able to build a relationship with Heidi’s father and he is a big part of their lives so it’s great to be all on good terms.

“Just a couple of days after our wedding, we all went over to Heidi’s dads for trick or treating, it was so surreal to me, I always wanted a friendly relationship with her father, to show Heidi a good example and I now have it, I am so blessed,” Heidi said. “Mike was taking the ‘manly’ role in Heidi’s life after we moved in together in 2015, he would tuck her in to bed, kissed her as he left for work,” Brittany had stated. “Even though we had our ups and downs, it hasn’t been easy, it’s been a bumpy road but no one knows how to do any of this, we learn as we go. It’s been a great journey because we have all learned together and are now stronger because of it.” 

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