This Man Nearly Freezes To Save His Dog From Drowning In A Frozen Lake


This is a true meaning of a mans best friend, his dog was nearly drowning in a freezing lake and he smashes his way through the ice to get to him, how sweet. It is always great to see someone loving an animal this much, this dog depends on this man for everything, for life!

This owner risked his own life to save this dog, no shirt on, swimming through the ice as quickly as he could, I would too, it's freezing water, literally. The love this man has for his dog is incredible, that dog is very lucky to have a friend like this!

Could you imagine being in this situation, souring through the freezing icy water to get to your pet before they drown? I couldn't. I would be so scared that I wouldn't make it there and back or even make it to my dog in time...but this man didn't hesitate! 

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