Turn Your Workouts Into Games


Many new iphone and smartphone apps are becoming more and more focused on the "gamification" of your fitness routine. I am sure you have heard of the overwhelming success of Pokemon GO. The relationship between technology and health is becoming more and more important everyday. This relationship will only continue to expand as more people use these products. Lets take a look at the pro’s and con’s of these new advances.

To begin with, they are fun and entertaining. Personal trainers everywhere try to find the appropriate balance between a workout's effectiveness and the amount of fun they are having. That is why these gaming programs that encorporate exercise are becoming so popular. Do you or anyone you know enjoy wandering the neighborhood looking for Pokemon, such as snorlax or vaporeon? More power to you! The movement provided from these games is infinitely better than another evening in front of the TV. Another positive aspect is that they provide incentives. The first element of the game is to outline well-constructed goals. Pokemon GO is no exception. Finding a Pokemon, beating a boss or reaching the next level all represent a goal achieved and an incentive obtained. The fitness benefit is an added bonus. Another great aspects is that they are social. 

Socialization has long been viewed as a driving force behind long-term exercise success. Friends who support you and participate alongside you make bettering yourself much more fun. Second, accountability is key. Whether you're enrolling in a fitness class or competing with your friends in Pokemon GO, participating in group activities can increase your chances of continuing the activity over the long haul.

As with anything, there are positives and negatives. Let's consider the potential downfalls. Many Pokemon GO players see a substantial increase in their daily step counts after downloading the app, but most users report a return to their pre-download totals within two weeks of getting started. Users typically play continuously for a short time and then move on to the next popular game. Here are my tips for transforming any game or app into part of asuccessful long-term fitness regimen: Continuously up the intensity and keep tabs of your progression.  To avoid tiring out and finding something new, develop a plan to gradually make your exercise regimen tougher over time. Keep track of what you like about the game's benefits. Track weight loss, your levels of enjoyment and how and when the game helps you to interact with others. Shake it up! Variety ties directly to having fun. You cannot continue to do the same thing over and over and expect the same enjoyment you had in the beginning. 

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