Tyga Ordered to Pay $186,000 Towards Another Landlord After Allegedly Failing to Pay Rent and Causing Damage

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Tyga is being forced to pay a landlord just shortly after he had a settlement with a different landlord. It was confirmed that Tyga was slapped with a 6 figure bill from F&S Investment Properties after renting out an LA home to run a business.

F&S Investment Properties attorney’s, filed court documents stating that Tyga had breached the lease by “failure to pay rent and other fees due,” when he left the property without anyones knowledge in 2015. The house was inspected and the property was left in disrepair, utility bills were unpaid and feces were left and that required professional clean up.”

Since the property owner found a new tenant in November of 2015, Tyga was only sued for the 5 months of unpaid rent between June and October of 2015. The total was $89,000 and that’s not including any of the late fees. According to the public court documents, damages were more than $131,000 and the attorney fees were $37,000 for a total judgement on the rapper for a whopping $186,275.89.

"There has been a settlement reached to the mutual satisfaction of the parties," F&S Investment Properties told news. The amount was undisclosed.

In just 3 short months after moving into the home, Tyga stopped paying rent and the landlord attempted to have him evicted. Once the left the property, they noticed all of the major damages including ripping off the automatic garage door opener, damaging bathroom tiles.

I don’t quite understand why he would do such a thing, he has money, he can’t possibly think he’s going to get away with it, right? They are going to get him for more than what is actually done just to prove a point. No one, no matter who you are, won’t get away with damaging other people’s property. Why is he renting anyway, he can’t afford to buy? 

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