Welcome to Australia, African Rhinos!


When you have to think of a way to save an entire species from the people who want to kill them, what do you do? Many would think “build a wall” “protect them”. What about move them? That’s exactly what the Australian Rhino Projects aims to do.

Not all rhinos can be moved, meaning that some will sadly still be at risk for poaching, which killed over 1,175 rhinos in the past year alone. However, the Australian project believes that while they can’t stop the poaching entirely, by moving some rhinos to Australia, they could create a “spare” herd that would be able to bring the species back into Africa if needed. The goal would be to have a herd of 80 rhinos in Australia within the next 4 years.

The very first rhinos are setting off on their new adventure very shortly­­perhaps within the year. They plan to send 6 rhinos to Australia, all of which have survived attempts on their lives, and were spared by a rancher who wanted to keep them safe, but fears he won’t be able to due to the poaching increases. But first, the rhinos need to be in tip­top shape meaning no invasive species can be harbored on the rhinos, or else they won’t be able to go to their new haven. In order to achieve this, they must be kept under round the clock care and observed and alone, until they are able to find their new solid home at the Monarto Zoo, in Adelaide.

After the final setting in process, the Project is hopeful that the romance will spark, and the rhinos will begin breeding, in order to maintain the herds population in Australia, which would help serve as a way to ensure that this species remains on Earth. We must protect the rhinos in order to fight poaching. Nobody can stop poaching but us humans, and we must do what we can.

This enterprise isn’t cheap, however. Each animal will cost $75,000 to send across Big Blue, and the projects seeks funds constantly in order to save the rhinos. While there are other options available, this is the first, not­as­drastic way to try to save this precious animal, before it’s too late. Only we can stop poaching, and only we can save our species, especially from the threat of poaching.

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